We’re looking for individuals who aspire to impact our local and regional food system in powerful, equitable, and enjoyable ways.  We’re looking for people who enjoy learning and innovating to develop new solutions.  We’re looking for people who are willing to work hard to help make positive change happen in South Central Pennsylvania.

The Gleaning Project is a component of South Central Community Action Programs (SCCAP).

SCCAP’s Vision: Thriving Families for a Vibrant Community!

SCCAP’s Mission: Empowering families and engaging the community to pursue innovative and effective solutions to break the cycle of poverty!

SCCAP’s Values:

  • Respect is essential.
  • Integrity creates trust.

  • Hope inspires change.

  • Diversity builds strength.

  • Every person is valuable.

  • Working together achieves solutions.

The Gleaning Project’s Mission: To connect our community, to make good use of agricultural excess, to reduce hunger and improve nutrition in South Central PA.

Open Positions

Adams County Gleaning Coordinator (Full-Time)

Job will consist of 40 hours per week with some seasonal variation beginning in May. Compensation ranges from $12.00-$14.00, plus paid time off, holidays, and benefits.This position provides ample room for personal and professional development. Click position title above for full job description.

Franklin County Assistant Gleaning Coordinator (Part-Time)

Job will consist of 20-28 hours per week. Compensation is $12.00, plus paid time off and holidays. Click position title above for full job description.

Please email a resume and cover letter to thegleaningproject@gmail.com. Applications will be reviewed, and interviews scheduled on a rolling basis. Application is open until filled.