How do I hear about in-field gleans?

  • Sign up for our e-mail newsletter. (Click here to do that now.) We use the newsletter to send out information about volunteer needs, upcoming gleans, and events!

Do you need me to RSVP for a glean or can I just show up?

  • RSVP’ing is preferred. You can just reply to the email. Having RSVP's helps our staff plan better and it helps us contact you if there is a cancellation or change of plans. However, if you forget to RSVP, don’t let that stop you. We can always use your help.

What if I can’t come for the entire time a glean is held?

  • A late gleaner is still a great gleaner.  We aim to fit our volunteer work into your life.  We appreciate any time you’re willing to give.

What should I wear to an in-field glean?

  • Your Gleaning Project t-shirt!

  • We would recommend you wear clothes you don’t mind getting dirty, sturdy shoes for uneven ground, and gloves if you want to protect your hands.

What should I bring to an in-field glean?

  • Gleaning Project staff provide sunscreen, bug spray, cold water, harvesting containers, and tools unless otherwise specified in the volunteer e-mail.

  • You should bring a reusable water bottle, and your volunteer waiver if it’s your first glean of the season.

Can I bring my pet?

  • No pets please.  We love our pets too… but it’s a food safety issue.

What do I do if it’s raining?

  • Gleaning Project staff will make the call about one hour ahead of the glean’s scheduled start time.  You will only be notified if plans change, otherwise we’re gleaning!

How do I get there?

  • Our email will have the address and location details. Sometimes we’ll meet at a roadside location and then head out into the fields together.  In these cases, RSVP’ing and arriving on time are extra important.  We’ll specify that need in our emails.

Can I get a ride?

  • Franklin County has The Glean Machine with seating for up to five volunteers.  We leave from the SCCAP Chambersburg office (533 S. Main Street, behind the building) about a half hour before the glean starts. We can not accommodate car seats at this time.

  • In Adams County, we encourage volunteers to carpool together. Let us know if you need a ride and we can try to put you in touch with another driver. However, we don’t have consistent transportation at this time.

Where are your offices?

Who can glean?

  • Gleaning is a great activity for all ages.  We’ve had gleaners as young as 4 and as old as 84.  Kids under the age of 16 need to accompanied by an adult.  

  • There’s a role for everyone at in-field gleans. From quality control to heavy lifting, we can find a job for you.  Everyone should enjoy the opportunity to have this much fun in service to our community.

  • If you have questions or concerns, email us.  When you RSVP to glean, just give us a heads up and we will accommodate.

Can I bring my friends?

  • YES! We love having friends come along. Please have them fill out our volunteer waiver ahead of time.

Can I take produce home with me?

  • Qualifying volunteers may take home produce at the end of a glean. For all other volunteers, we encourage you to support our growers by purchasing their produce.

How can I schedule my group?

  • We work with schools, businesses, churches, and service organizations who want to volunteer together.  It’s a great team-building experience.

  • Adams County has the ability to schedule group gleans well in advance, particularly in the Fall.  They also have winter volunteer tasks well-suited to groups.  Contact us for more information.

  • Franklin County gleans are more often short notice and difficult to schedule around a group’s availability. It’s possible but has its challenges. We don’t offer many group gleans at this time.

Where does the food go once it’s gleaned?

  • It is given to any Community Partner who shares our values of reducing hunger and improving nutrition in our region. Check out Our Partners page for a map and full listing.

Is the food good quality?

  • Yes. One of the best parts of in-field gleaning is that we get to pick the freshest, most ripe, most nutritious produce right out of the fields. We manage quality control at every glean and aim to get it to those in need almost immediately.

Where does your funding come from?

  • SCCAP (South Central Community Action Programs) is a 501c3 nonprofit.  As part of SCCAP, tax deductible donations from community members, fundraising events, and regional and national grants all play a part in keeping our wheels rolling.

How do I buy gleaning merch?

  • We currently have grey, blue, and lavender T-shirts, and a grey tank top to purchase. Please call or email us to place an order.

I want my church, club, friends to know more about gleaning.  Will you come talk to them?

  • Yes.  We give lots of presentations, especially in the off-season when we’re not so busy saving produce.  Contact us for more information.

What are the biggest needs of TGP?

  • We need volunteers to help us at every point along the way.

  • We need funds to keep our staff employed and our doors open.

  • We have a wish list for material donations here.