1. What is The Gleaning Project and how does it work?

The Gleaning Project is a program within South Central Community Action Programs (SCCAP), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, that works to find a community solution to address hunger and food insecurity in South Central Pennsylvania. We partner with local growers to rescue otherwise unprofitable produce and redistribute the food to food insecure individuals in our area. Our rescue methods range from harvesting in the field, sorting through seconds, collecting after-market, and more. We are happy to work with you to determine the best method for your farm.

2. Where does the food go?

The food is distributed at our onsite produce stand and our network of community partners. We work with over 100 community organizations ranging from food pantries, backpack programs, senior centers, church, etc to ensure the food is being spread throughout the county. Currently, we are reaching around 19,000 individuals and we hope to continue to reach more in coming years. All individuals receiving our food are food insecure, meaning, they do not have easy access or cannot afford fresh fruits and vegetables.

3. Is there really this need in our community?

Yes. Despite our area being so agriculturally abundant, around 1 in 7 individuals in South Central PA are food insecure. For children, the number is slightly higher at about 1 in 5 kids being food insecure and around 50% of children qualifying for free or reduced lunches. Additionally, less than 10% of residents are eating the daily recommended amount of fruits and vegetables.

4. Will I be held liable for my donations or if someone gets hurt on my property?

No. The Bill Emerson Act makes it possible to donate food as long as it is “in good faith”. We do sort through the produce before distributing to make sure everything looks and tastes fresh. Because of this, we ask that all donated produce have at least a couple days of shelf life left. We also require all volunteers to sign a waiver before they work with us to ensure you will not be held liable for any injuries.

5. Am I paid for my donations?

No. However, we do keep careful record of the poundage and monetary amount donated by each grower. At the end of the year (December/ January) we will send you the yearly totals to file with your taxes as a donation. Please see The PATH Act for more information.

6. How many pounds should I donate? Is anything too much or too little?

The amount is up to you! We have received donations anywhere from 3-2,500 lbs before. Likely, if you are willing to donate it, we will take it! If you have further questions on amount please feel free to reach out.

7. Do you take produce that is misshapen, too small, less common?

Yes! Some of our best produce items are ones that are not ‘conventionally pretty’. We understand that misshapen fruit is still delicious fruit and are happy to take them off your hands.

8. Where are you located? What is the best way to get in contact with you?

We have two main offices in Chambersburg and Gettysburg, contact information for both is listed below.