A penny per pound fundraiser for The Gleaning Project of South Central PA


The Gleaning Project is South Central Pennsylvania's collaborative, nonprofit effort to reduce food loss on local farms, and increase food security in our communities.

Glean-A-Mania is a new and exciting way to support The Gleaning Project. The idea is simple. We're asking our community members to pledge a penny for each pound of produce that we glean during one super week in September. (September 9-15)

A Penny per pound


We are a non-profit community solution that gleans thousands of pounds of fresh, local produce every week. All food is donated by local growers and given away for free to those in need. 

For one week in September, we're asking our community to support our efforts with donations.  

The Franklin and Adams County chapters each hope to glean between 6,000-7,000 pounds of produce during Glean-A-Mania week, Sept. 9-15. That is a lot of food! We're looking for pledges of 1 penny (or multiple pennies, or portions of pennies) for every pound we glean.

Make Your Pledge Now

Want to get in on the action? Complete the pledge form and follow along with our progress. This is going to be fun!

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Estimates based on 7,500 lb total: ¼ penny = $18.75 | ½ penny = $37.50 | 1 penny = $75 | 2 pennies = $150 (Donors may choose to cap their donation at 7,500 lbs. Or you may donate the full amount based on total pounds of food gleaned.)
How many pennies per pound would you like to pledge?

The Gleaning Project and SCCAP is a 501(c)3 nonprofit and all donations are tax deductible as allowed by law.

The total poundage will be announced on Friday, Sept. 15.  

Gleaning Project staff will follow up with you the week of Sept. 18 to complete your donation.

Follow along with us


I want to do more!

We have pledge-raising kits for you and anyone else who would like to be part of the Glean-A-Mania team. E-mail thegleaningproject@gmail.com and we will get you one.