Floods about to come...


We've got about 2 weeks til all Gleaning Awesomeness lets loose.  The Gleaning Project of South Central PA is getting ready...

With the weather we've had, it looks like gleaning will get under way here in Franklin and Adams Counties - in a major way - right around the 4th of July.

We're doing everything we can here at The Gleaning Project to make ready for the flood of delicious, super nutritious, otherwise-wasted food that we aim to save and serve throughout our community to those in need this season.

That includes the finishing details of Billy Cool (pic above) - our new mobile walk-in cooler.

To our growers - Thank you.  We can't wait to work together to give the beautiful, healthy food you work so hard to grow the respect and appreciation it, and you, deserve.

To our volunteers - We can't do this without you.  We can't wait to see you - many of you again; some of you for the first time ever!  We can't wait to work together on this fantastic community solution.

To our community partners - We can't do this without you either (there is a theme here).  Very soon, we'll be showing up at your doors, kitchens, and loading docks with as much fresh produce as you can help us put to good use and distribute to those in need in our community.

To our eaters - The best time of year is just around the corner.  Delicious, fresh, super healthy fruits and vegetables - grown here in our bountiful home - are on their way.  You're welcome to help us glean them, to share with us in our exploration of how best to prepare and preserve them, and to enjoy as many pounds as you possibly can.

To all our supporters - Thank you.  We're in for a great gleaning season in 2016.


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