Glean-A-Mania 2018 - That's a wrap!

So how'd we do?!?

Adams County Total Pounds = 9,122 lbs

Franklin County Total Pounds = 7,501 lbs

Pennies Pledged = 81.5



What a week! Our second annual Glean-A-Mania fundraiser was a huge success, thanks to our local farmers, hard working volunteers, and awesome community partners. 

Last week, and every week, our small gleaning staff works with dozens of volunteers to harvest and distribute fresh fruits and vegetables. 

We hope that by amplifying our day to day work a bit more through email and social media during Glean-A-Mania, you learned something new about our incredible community and the people that make this project a success. 

Special thanks to our Franklin County Growers and Gardeners who donate their extras all season long!

Special thanks to our Adams County Growers and Gardeners who donate their extras all season long!

13 Local Farms and Orchards: 6,950 lbs

  • 78 Acres
  • Alfred Brubaker
  • Andrews Farm Market
  • Benedict's Produce Farm
  • Broadleaf Acres
  • Cheesetown Produce Farm
  • Country Creek Produce Farm
  • Foot of the Mountain Farm
  • Fulton Farm at Wilson College
  • Hope Valley Gardens
  • Jed's Sweet Corn
  • Mt. Rock Orchards
  • Tracey's Orchard

3 Backyard Gardeners: 551 lbs

  • John Rudolph
  • Sharon Beaver
  • Ann 

12 Local Farms and Orchards: 8,077 lbs

  • Adams County Nursery
  • Bream Orchards
  • Brown Valley Farm
  • Hollabaugh Bros.
  • Irvin Orchards
  • McCleafs Orchard
  • Mickley's Orchard and Farm Market
  • Peters Orchard
  • Rice Fruit Co.
  • Round Barn Farm Market
  • Three Springs Fruit Farm
  • Yellow Hill Farm

15 Backyard Gardeners: 967.5 lbs

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  • F. & J. Horak
  • G. Weikert
  • H. Kint
  • J. Bennett
  • J. Graham
  • JR Scappini
  • K. Lamberton
  • K. Althoff
  • L. Wells
  • M. Chandler
  • R. Robinson
  • S. Redding
  • S. Koons
  • S. Sanders
  • T. Riley

3 Community Gardens: 77.5 lbs

  • Eden's Way Garden
  • Eisenhower Garden
  • Painted Turtle Farm


With the help of MANY volunteers, we were able to distribute the beautiful fruits and veggies that we gleaned to thousands of community members through our network of Community Partners

Special thanks to our Franklin County Community Partners:

  • Esther House

  • New Forge Crossing

  • New Hope Ranch

  • Praying Time Ministries

  • Salem U.B. Church

  • SCCAP- Produce Stand

  • SCCAP- St. Thomas U.M. Church Food Pantry

  • SCCAP- WIC Chambersburg

  • SCCAP- WIC Waynesboro

  • St. Vincent De Paul Society 

  • Summit Weight Management

  • The Storehouse Community

  • The Tower at Falling Springs

  • Trinity Episcopal Church

  • Waynesboro Community and Human Services 



Special thanks to our Adams County Community Partners: 

  • East Berlin Community Center

  • East Berlin Senior Center

  • Fahnestock House

  • Fairfield Food Pantry

  • Fairfield Senior Center

  • Family First Health

  • Gettysburg Interfaith Gardens

  • Gettysburg Senior Center

  • Gettysburg Soup Kitchen

  • Gettysburg WIC office

  • Hanover Council of Churches

  • Keystone Farm Worker Health

  • Littlestown Senior Center

  • McSherrystown Interfaith Village

  • McSherrystown Senior Center

  • McSherrystown WIC Office

  • Misty Ridge

  • New Oxford Food Pantry

  • Old Friends at New Oxford

  • Pathstone Food Pantry

  • SpiriTrust Lutheran

  • Survivors Inc.

  • Upper Adams Senior Center

  • York Springs Senior Center

And with that we have completed Glean-A-Mania 2018. Our success would not be possible without the farmers, gardeners, community partners, volunteers, and of course, the pledgers! Many thanks to all who helped make Glean-A-Mania 2018 an amazing experience for the staff and community alike. We appreciate you! 

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Do you have questions or comments about Glean-A-Mania 2018? We are always looking for suggestions on ways to improve and would love to hear from you. Email us at 

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