What are growers saying about The Gleaning Project?


The Gleaning Project is growing! Not only do we welcome two more employees to our team this summer (everyone give a big hand to Renee in Franklin County and Bridget in Adams!), but we're also serving more people, partnering with more community agencies, educating more novice cooks, and working with more farms.

We've grown, from our first year at SCCAP, serving one county and bringing in 57,000lbs of food, to now being active in  2 counties and salvaging over 200,000 lbs of food in 2014.

And all of this starts with the growers.

And from backyard gardeners, to big farms, and everyone in between, we are SO THANKFUL for our amazing producers and all of their hard work. Each of our 54 grower-donors is helping keep South Central PA fed and happy in their own way, and we're honored to partner with them to bring the amazing bounty of our area to those who hunger.

So what do the growers think of all this?

Lancaster Farming recently published an article on just that, featuring Yellow Hill Berry Farm, Bender's Potato Farm, and Country Creek Produce. You can find the article (it's a really great read!) here.

In the meantime, here are some of our favorites:

Bryan Bender, of Bender Potato Farm: "The benefit is the satisfaction of knowing we are helping the gleaning project help feed people. We enjoy eating good food, so we are glad to be a part of sharing that joy with anyone in need. The gleaning project is a great avenue to get to the people who are in need."


Craig Bishop at Yellow Hill Berry Farm: “It doesn’t matter what type of crop you grow [...] If it’s going to go to waste in the field, it’s great to get rid of it."

When we asked Craig why people should glean he said "[It's]outside exercise with pleasant people-a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction when you see what you have harvested [and the] benefit of reducing wasted produce-sharing quality food with others."


Brent Barnhart of Country Creek Produce: "We don’t want to throw anything away. Ir’s a good project and it makes you feel good and it’s nice to know we’re helping out the community."

IMG_7582 (1)

Craig Smith, a gardener in Adams County: "For the hobbiest, I would suggest growing a bed for SCCAP. Most of us just need an excuse to plant more than we can use."


Nate Stock, Hilltop Farm Markets: "This is a great program that helps so many people here in our community. It gives people without access to fresh local produce the benefit of healthy produce."

And one anonymous farmer said: "The Gleaning Program is an effortless way to help your community. Fruit and veggie products need go to waste...all you need to do is make a call!"

If you're a farmer or gardener with excess produce, and you'd like to share with those in need in your community, please email us at thegleaningproject@gmail.com, or give us a call at 717-253-7345 (Hannah in Adams County) or 717-800-1775 (Jay in Franklin County).

If you're interested in learning more about our amazing network of grower-donors, please visit our grower page on our website for a full list, map and information on when, where, and how to support them with your business!