September's going quick.


It's here.  It's gone.

Just like that.  That's Fall.

Around here, we call it "the quickening."  Time starts moving faster and so much faster this time of year.  Our 2016 glean season will be over Soon.  And we can't stop that.

Oh, we'll be out in our local farm fields and orchards til those first hard frosts or snow (hopefully til Thanksgiving or so...).  But Thanksgiving is really just around the corner. And our gleans will start to slow down, especially here in Franklin County, as we get on into October.

Now is the best. time. ever. for gleaning.  We have the very end of Summer crops and the start of Fall... This past week we gleaned summer squash, tomatoes, and watermelon.  We also gleaned winter squash.

We are in the quickening.   And it is so short, and sweet.  Time now to enjoy and make the most of it.

Details of this week's gleans at The Gleaning Project's Facebook page and in a weekly email by signing up here:

If these don't fit your schedule, or you want more glean team time, send us an email: or call/text Jay & Renee for Franklin County gleans: 717-492-6269 and call Bridget for Adams County gleans: 717-334-7634, ext. 162

Happy Fall.  Have an awesome day.  Thank you.

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