How long will gleaning last?


Well, this 2016 season of gleaning... we hope will last 'til Thanksgiving.

The weather's gonna decide for us though.

That wind knocking on my window right now has a mind of its own. There's a hard frost headed our way this coming Wednesday.  And does anyone remember that time it snowed around Halloween a couple years back?

All to say, we get what we get.  We, you, The Gleaning Project, will make the most and best of whatever we're presented with in these next, few, short weeks.

We'll be pushing hard, trying to save as much good food for our neighbors in need, to reduce hunger and improve nutrition in South Central PA, while we still have the chance this 2016 season.

Lots of opportunities to help this week. - Details about this week's Adams County events here... - Details about this week's Franklin County events here...

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