How Do We Work, Exactly?

In the last blog post, we shared how necessary it is to have paid staff... That said, we would not be a community solution without the hundreds of volunteers that make The Gleaning Project possible. Through donating their time and resources, our volunteers provide energy, strength, longevity, creativity, and mobility to this community solution.

What specific roles do individuals play? How does everyone fit in? The answer: So. Many. Ways. 

There are dozens of ways to contribute to The Gleaning Project. To keep it simple, here's an infographic that shows five daily volunteer needs. 


This is our community making this project work! Please, share this post or infographic with your friends and neighbors over the next few weeks. (Download it here.) Then share why you love being a Food Saver, or a Produce Stand Attendant, or a Food Mover.  Your story is powerful and your voice is unique. 

The goal is to help others see how inspiring our work is. Then ask for a contribution to see it continue. A penny per pound can help us accomplish our mission of reducing waste and improving nutrition in our community. 

Thank you for reading this post. Thank you for your overwhelming support. You help to make this project a success. 

Abby McElhiney1 Comment