Glean-A-Mania Recap


“I love to help people get the fruits and veggies they need to survive. Good nutrition is key to a good, healthy life. I love to visit the farms and the farmers who keep this project possible. I love to learn how things grow. I'm happy to volunteer!” - The Gleaning Project volunteer

It was truly an amazing week. From engaging new and experienced volunteers on in field gleans, to preserving 25 quarts of pickles, to marveling at the bounty of PA produce in August, we did it all! The best part? We had a record number of 87 pennies pledged by donors for each of the 21,471 pounds of fresh, local produce we gleaned this past week.

Read on for the types of produce we gleaned, pictures, and our wonderful grower donors.

In Adams County…

we gleaned 13,170 pounds of apples, blackberries, cucumbers, jalapenos, kale, onions, peaches, potatoes, spaghetti squash, tomatoes, watermelon, zucchini, and more.


Adams County Community Gardens & Backyard Gardeners

Ag Center Garden

Barb Ruppert



Betsy Beach

D. Luquette

Debbie Malinak


Doug Boden

Eisenhower Garden

Fred and Joan Horak

Harold Kint

Harry Hilbert

Heidi Gillis

James Gettys Garden

John Gormont

John Graham

JR Scappini

Karin Guise

Ken Althoff

Littlestown FFA

Lori Waite

Mark Shermeyer

Nawakwa Garden

Peggy Keating Butler

Shirley Miller

Steve Probst

Steve Sanders

The Murphy's


& many more anonymous gardeners!


In Franklin County…

we gleaned 8,301 pounds of apples, carrots, cucumbers, eggplant, green beans, herbs, melons, nectarines, peaches, peppers, potatoes, summer squash, sweet corn, tomatoes, and more!

Franklin County Farms and Gardens

78 Acres Greendale Orchards

Bender Farms Greg Wenzloff

Bending Bridge Farm Harvest Hills

Benedict’s Produce Farm Jim and Marcia Whitmore

Cheesetown Produce Farm Letterkenny Township Garden

Country Creek Produce Farm McFerran Farms

Dave and Lark McClure Penn National Garden

Dickinson College Farm St. Lukes

Emily Kriner Star Hollow Farm

Falling Spring Fruit Farm Tom Martin

Foot of the Mountain Farm Tom Sabo

Fulton Farm at Wilson College

A huge thank you to all the farms, gardens, and backyard gardeners who donated produce to us over the week. Please remember to support our local growers when shopping for produce this Fall.

Thank you to each and every person who contributed to our penny-per-pound fundraiser by volunteering, pledging a penny, or donating produce. We feel so lucky to do this work each and every day, and we are grateful to work alongside such caring, hardworking, incredible people in our community. The 19,000 families and seniors we serve are so grateful for the bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables that are available to them.

“The Gleaning Project gives to the community & grows a community. The Gleaning Project makes giving easy & fun. We get to see it in action & be a part of the action. Thank you!” -The Gleaning Project Volunteer

we appreciate you!

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