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Since we're asking for donations of money through our first ever Glean-A-Mania fundraiser, we think it's important to answer the question, "What value do we provide to our community?"  What difference does The Gleaning Project make?  It's best to see and hear it from those we work with and serve…

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This is what the Gleaning Project does for our family”

That was the text that accompanied this picture recently sent to us from one of the families we serve. We met this husband and wife last year.  Both come to many gleans and are some of our most consistent volunteers. They take home extra produce to preserve for themselves as well as friends and neighbors. 


People love this produce.  They just devour it.”

– June Baransky at Trinity Episcopal 

Trinity Episcopal Church provides a free weekly breakfast to those in need here in Chambersburg.


“It’s such a great way to get produce directly to families in need.  The Gleaning Project has been such an amazing, amazing support to these families.”

- Liz Martin at Diaper Depot at Central Presbyterian Church Chambersburg

Diaper Depot provides food and baby supplies to families in need once a month.


“Since I’ve met you, I have eaten more vegetables than I ever have in my whole life.”

- Melissa Gladhill receives gleaned produce and is one of our most hardcore volunteers.


"29 quarts and we're just getting started!  Lol"

Another texted picture from a family we serve.  This is exactly what we want to see!

Another quote from a different family, but related to this picture: 

“I can [preserve food] out of necessity. This puts oil in my tank to heat my house over Winter. This is grocery money in December…” 







“Oh we’re having vegetables tonight...”

- Overheard from someone picking up food for their family at the SCCAP Produce Stand and Chambersburg Food Pantry.

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And there are so many more...

The Gleaning Project was able to get started in Franklin County with a grant from Summit Endowment. That funding means we’re well organized and very effective at harvesting and distributing fresh produce to those unable to afford it.

Our regional healthcare provider (Summit Health) sees the value provided to the community by The Gleaning Project. Investing upstream to improve nutrition - to try and head off the kinds of diet-related diseases affecting so many in our community - is so important.

That grant funding runs out next year. The job of those funds was to provide us the time to build a program.  And that’s what we’ve done. Now we need funds to continue to deliver the value to our community only The Gleaning Project can.

Please consider pledging a penny, or 1/4 penny, or 4 pennies, as part of our inaugural Glean-A-Mania fundraiser.  More details here.  

Pledge your pennies here -


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