Glean-A-Mania 2017 is HERE.


Our very first penny per pound fundraiser to support The Gleaning Project's work is off to a great start!

We have the equivalent of 52 pennies pledged to date.  

And we started our super week of gleaning this morning!  Shippensburg University students, as part of Ship Serves - a day of volunteer service - sent two full buses of students to Adams County orchards for apple gleaning.

Bus #1 went to Adams County Nursery...  We had 37 volunteers gleaning apples...


... as well as bagging potatoes picked up earlier in the week. These potatoes and apples will be distributed to those in need in Franklin County over the next week.


Bus #2 went to Peter's Orchards...


... where students gleaned even more apples; these apples destined for the homes of those who couldn't afford them otherwise in Adams County.


The Gleaning Project can't accomplish much without all our amazing volunteers.  We so appreciate Shippensburg University students for sharing their time and effort with us to help reduce hunger and improve nutrition in our community.  And get Glean-A-Mania going!

Here are the tallies for today, our first day of Glean-A-Mania week...

Adams County gleaned 1500 pounds of apples with the help of 32 volunteers!


Franklin County gleaned 3000 pounds of apples with the help of 37 volunteers!


Stay tuned for more Glean-A-Mania updates as the week continues. Check out our pictures and posts on Facebook and Instagram. Come out to a glean and help us bring in the food! Consider pledging, or share this post with your friends and family to encourage them to pledge. Support The Gleaning Project so we can continue this awesome work at

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