Glean-A-Mania 2017 Wrap-Up


So how did we all do?  Our final report from Glean-A-Mania 2017...

Adams County total lbs = 10,106 lbs

Franklin County total lbs = 8,378 lbs

Pennies pledged = 75.75



The Gleaning Project accomplishes big things with a tiny staff in Adams and Franklin Counties. Our model is to have 1-2 hard-working, paid staff coordinators in each county organize the donations of over 80 farmers and gardeners, the distribution of produce to over 80 distributing community partners, and the work of over 1000 volunteers.

One of the big ideas behind Glean-A-Mania is to run a fundraiser without spending any of our precious funds. Another important goal is to seek and receive financial support for this work without having staff dedicate too much time to fundraising. Thus the simple pledge and donate model. We do this valuable, community-building, food security-improving work every week of the gleaning season. For just one week in September, we ask for our community's financial support. The pennies pledged and donations that result help sustain our efforts annually.

Everyone who pledged should have received a follow-up phone call or email from the staff here at TGP by now. Donations can be made online through Paypal on our website here. Please note "Glean-A-Mania" and the county to which you pledged in the special instructions section. If you prefer, you can make a check payable to "SCCAP" (South Central Community Action Programs), and add a note in the memo line "Glean-A-Mania" and the county to which you pledged. Our address to mail to: 153 North Stratton St, Gettysburg, PA 17325. If you have any questions about completing your donation, please let us know! Email: or call 717-492-6269.

Extra thanks to this week's generous grower-donors who feed South Central PA all season long...

  • 78 Acres
  • 7th Day Adventist Garden
  • Adams County Nursery
  • Andrews Farm Market
  • Benedict's Produce Farm
  • Boyer's Nursery
  • Country Creek Produce Farm
  • Eisenhower Garden
  • Fred and Joan Horak
  • Franklin County Master Gardeners
  • Hilltop Farm Market
  • Hollabaugh Brothers
  • Ken Althoff
  • McCleaf's Orchard
  • Peter's Orchard
  • Rice Fruit Company
  • Susan Siroki
  • Yellow Hill Farm
  • And dozens of backyard gardeners from Adams and Franklin Counties!

Many thanks to these community partners who distributed that produce throughout our community...

  • Boys & Girls Club - Shippensburg
  • Casa de la Cultura
  • Chambersburg Homeless Shelter
  • Circle of Love
  • Diaper Depot at Central Presbyterian Church
  • East Berlin Community Center
  • El Centro After School Program
  • Fahnestock House
  • Fairfield Food Pantry
  • Fairfield Senior Center
  • Family First Health
  • Gettysburg Senior Center
  • Gettysburg Soup Kitchen
  • God's Meal Barrel
  • Hanover Council of Churches
  • Healthy Adams County
  • Healthy Communities Partnership 'Go Girls Go!'
  • House of Grace
  • Hungry Hearts at First United Methodist Church Chambersburg
  • Littlestown Senior Center
  • Mama Tribe
  • McIntosh Court
  • McSherrystown Senior CEnter
  • Misty Ridge
  • New Forge Crossing
  • Old Friends at New Oxford
  • Pete's Pantry at Salem United Brethren Church
  • SCCAP Food Pantry - Adams County
  • SCCAP Food Pantry - Franklin County
  • SCCAP Shelter - Adams County
  • SpiriTrust Lutheran
  • The Storehouse Community Food Pantry
  • St. Paul Lutheran Church Food Pantry
  • St. Vincent de Paul
  • Survivors
  • Trinity Episcopal Church
  • Upper Adams Senior Center
  • Waynesboro Community & Human Services
  • WIC Chambersburg
  • WIC McSherrystown 
  • WIC Waynesboro
  • York Springs Senior Center

THAT's a community solution to food insecurity... Our gleaning project succeeds because of community support.

Many, many thanks to all our supporters, volunteers, and partners. We get better every year because of your time, creativity, and financial support. Glean-A-Mania 2017 is no different. It was successful because of all of you. Thank you.

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