Saving Green Bean Seeds

This is part of a guest blog series by volunteer Trish Robinson about seed saving. Thanks, Trish!

Pole beans, green beans, bush beans, whichever type you of bean you are growing odds are you can easily save their seeds. With few exceptions, most beans require just a few simple steps in saving to grow for next year’s crop. And right now is the best time to start your bean saving! Below are the simple steps to saving your seeds for growing next year:

1.       Let the pea and/or bean to ripen on your plant.

a.       You’ll want to save the best pods to ensure strong plants for next season. The temptation to pick will be strong, but trust me, this will help ensure those beans are the hardiest. If possible, save 5-7 beans per plant.

2.       After about a month from your harvest, strip the pods from the plants and spread them out to dry.

a.       You’ll know the pod is ready when they have turned yellow and they look dry. You should be able to shake them and hear the beans rattling around.

3.       Pick out the beans that are misshapen or discolored and throw them away.

4.       Spread the beans out to dry in a cool, dark, dry area. Make sure to label them. I usually put them on a paper plate or paper towel with their name (or description if I don’t know the name). Keep there for about two weeks.

5.       Store in a jar or envelope.


That’s it! So simple. The plant actually does most of the work for you. On some occasions, I have actually picked the bean and let them yellow and dry on my counter. I’m not recommending but it happens.

Here is a video tutorial from YouTube channel MIgardener to go along with the article.

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