Glean-A-Mania 2018


Glean-A-Mania 2018 is right around the corner and the Glean Team has been busy like bees preparing for our 2nd annual penny-per-pound fundraiser - but we need your help! 

From now until August 16th we're asking for friends of The Gleaning Project to commit to donating 1 penny (or 2 pennies, ½ penny, ¼ penny, etc) for every pound of produce we glean during the week of August 10-17. During this time of year we can often glean 6,000-7,000 pounds of produce every week! One penny-per-pound can go a long way. To pledge a penny click here!

Below are examples of what your money could help fund at The Gleaning Project.  


This money could go towards items such as: 

2 Penny Pledge, about $150- In order to harvest and store our produce most efficiently we need sturdy crates to hold everything! $150 dollars could buy us approximately 10 crates. 

1 Penny Pledge, about $75- We couldn’t harvest large quantities of food without using our gleaning vehicles to transport it. $75 fills our tank with gas to keep us driving all over the county!

½ Penny Pledge, about $37.50 - We create and print hundreds of recipe cards each month to compliment the produce we distribute. We hope they inform and encourage others to try new ways to eat produce.  For that we need printing supplies such as ink cartridges and card stock paper!

¼ Penny Pledge, about $18.75 - Cooking demos are a great way to sample new produce items and recipes at our Produce Stands. We often need a few extra ingredients and plates/utensils to ensure our final recipe is healthy and delicious! $18.75 could buy supplies for several cooking demonstrations.

How can you help?

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1. Share this post!

The more we get the word out, the more people will pledge pennies for Glean-A-Mania!

2. Consider donating to The Gleaning Project.

We want all our supporters, regardless of income, to be able to participate; portions of pennies pledged are so appreciated. Multiple pennies-per-pound, matches, and sponsors are also appreciated!  Click here to pledge a penny. We accept cash, check or PayPal donations. Donors may cap their pledge at 7,500 pounds.  

3. Invite your family, friends, church, social club, and neighbors, to donate! Tell them about our mission and why The Gleaning Project is important to you.

People love hearing personal anecdotes and they mean so much more coming from you! Click here to view our pledge kit. It will give you all the info you need to be a Pledge Raiser for The Gleaning Project. 

4. Follow our progress on Facebook and Instagram. To view the recap of last years Glean-A-Mania fundraiser click here  or for frequently asked questions click here.

As always, thank you to our community and volunteers for the continuous support. We appreciate you! 

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